Kokanee Power of Oregon Derbies

2020 Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby Schedule

Saturday April 25, 2020 Detroit Lake  –  Weight in will be at Kane’s Marina across from Detroit State Park.  Lunch will be served after the weight in and the raffle will follow lunch.

Wickiup June 13. Gull Point Campground
East lake Banquet July 18th
Odell August 15  Odell Lake Lodge
Detroit Sept 26 This date has been changed.  The location is TBD for now.

1st  place payout will be $500 for all the derbies.  All Derbies will pay down to 10th place. If more than 30 teams enter then will pay down to 15th place.

To sign up for any of these derbies, select either the online payment form or the mail-in form. Use a separate form for each derby entry.  Team members that prefer to pay separately may each fill out a Derby entry form separately and use the same Team and Captain’s name.  If there are more than 4 people fishing in your team please fill out an extra form with the additional team members and use the same Team and Captain’s Name.  Only one entry for the Blind Bogey, Biggest Kokanee and/or Biggest Fish for each team.

Derby fee is $55 for current members and $90 for non-members (This includes a membership for the current calendar year).  There is a $10 discount if you register two weeks before the derby date.

These events operate under a special use permit through the USDA, Forest Service.

This institute is an equal opportunity provider.


  Derby Online Payment Form Derby Mail-in Payment Form    Junior Entry Form


2019 Odell Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
1Oregon KokanatorsMark StephensMark StephensLaura StephensKen Gierke152630.6
2CattywampusDave AndersonDavid AndersonEric SprinkleIan Sprinkle150629.7
3Banana RepublicJoseph MoritzJoseph MoritzBrian RussellTom Schill145828.7
4Big KahunaBill AdamsBill AdamsJohn AdamsAndy Okada145429.8
5Paulina Peak/Team OregonJim WheatonJim WheatonMarshall TippitMike James144228.6
6Kokanee FoolsChuck HedblomJudy HedblomJim McDermottChuck Hedblom142229.7
7Kokanee Slayers OregonTim HutchinsTim Hutchins Jess B HutchinsDan Crumley140628.2
8KokaneehuntersBilly BassBilly BassChristina Bass140627.5
9Kokanee StormRick NorrisRick NorrisRich JonesDallas JonesKirby Callis138828.3
10Team Kok-u-nutJed ZumwaltJed ZumwaltPatrick Bouche'137428.7
11Wild ChildShawn ChildScott ChildShawn Child137029.9
12Team FishmasterMark WatzkeMark WatzkeMichele WatzkeJustin WatzkeAshlee Stevenson134426.4
13The Parkdale PosseKen EspersenKen EspersenDawnell Espersen132829
14Hunter BoyThe Outlaw Kokanee WhalesPhil HeinemanTammy Hineaman132629.7
15Beaver State Salmon Slayers 2Rich BryanRich BryanLilly BryanFrank Bryan130427.5
16John KlineJohn Kline129227.6
17Playing HookyKen CurreyKen CurreyAlex CurreyBradley Pozder129227.6
18Limited opportunities Jeremy EversJeremy EversMary Jo Evers128028.7
19Stinky fingers Jason PearceJason PearceDanielle McKamey127028.5
20Two Flags A/CTerry ArsenaultTerry ArsenaultGeoffrey ArsenaultPhillip Smith126027.4
21Biteme2Jerry GaridelJerry GaridelMicheal Stopponi124828.1
22Kokanee Wagen TackleStephen WagenaarStephen Wagenaar124627.2
23Papee’s CrewDavid OehlerDavid OehlerJacob OehlerJeff Jarvis124027.3
24SpyShipSteve DefranciscoSteve Defrancisco123826.5
25Chasin KokesDoug FanningDoug FanningJeff Fanning123628.2
26Beaver State Salmon Slayers 1Brad HalleckBrad HalleckAl Gour121827
27Kokanee KillerDennis SucameleDennis SucameleJeninne ZimmermanChuck WilcoxSammie Sucamele117427.7
28Dustin ArnouldDustin ArnouldMichael ChristiansonKruz Delaplain115827
29The MartinsDavid MartinDavid MartinLeslie MartinAustin Duckworth115230.5
30Budget BreakerRoger HendricksRoger HendricksRoy Heaney-Tollefson114829.5
31The KokanutsDavid McNeillDavid McNeillColleen McNeillKaren McNeill109027.8
32GMAS Red BClifford LiedtkeClifford LiedtkeShirley Liedtke108626.2
33Team WordenCraig WordenCraig WordenTrenton Worden95825.5
34KasterGreg ReedRuss82828.4
35SLOVIC ONE John WerderberJohn Werderber61826
2019 Odell Juniors Derby Results
PlaceAdult Team NameJunior Angler NameWeight
2Kokanee Wagen Tackle Mason Ramseyer55028
3Pappe's CrewTyric Jarvis51827.5
4Chasin KokesRylan Fanning50628.2
5Playing HookyJames Hansen48027.3
6Limited Opportunities Aiden Evers47627.8
7Playing HookyBroklyn Pozder47626.5
8Chasin KokesAddison Parr46827.2
9Chasin KokesGreyson Fanning46626.7
10Craig WorddenFinnley Worden45027.3
11Craig WorddenBrynna Worden45026.3
12Chasin KokesAlaina Parr44825.2
13Kokanee Wagen Tackle Emmett Wagenaar44625.8
14Shore SnuffWyatt Becker40026.1
15GMA Red BeeOwen Liedtke39826
16GMA Red BeeKarl Liedtke35024.6
17Shore SnuffScout Becker29623.9
18Paul SlavkovskyAyden Marin
2019 Green Peter Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight Grams
1GIVE N TAKETodd GivensJosh McArthurTodd GivensCasey Meadows776
2Kokanee Slayers Oregon Tim HutchinsThomas CroweTim Hutchins700
3Chasing KokesDoug FanningDoug FanningJeff Fanning690
4Spud NutRick BreckelRick BreckelAllen Breckel688
5Team BlackjackDoug HamiltonDoug HamiltonJake Bishop672
6HydeoutCurtis HydeCurtis HydeCarson Hyde666
7Randy HoffmanRandy HoffmanCaleb Hoffman654
8Koknaee Storm TackleRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas JonesRich Jones640
9M&M Adventures Martin Monsey Martin MonseyRay Morgan Troy Jazdinski Chase Jazdinski 636
10Oregon KokanatorsMark StephensMark StephensKen Gierke 636
11Team JudyChuck HedblomJohn KlineChuck HedblomJim McDermit626
12Paulina Peak Playing HookyKen CurreyKen CurreyBradley Pozder624
13Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckJoseph MoritzTom Schill618
14KokaneehuntersBilly BassBilly BassChristina Bass608
15BonkersCody MartinCody MartinAmy Gagnon592
16Pappee's CrewDavid OehlerDavid OehlerJacob OehlerJeff Jarvis572
17CastorRuss LawrenceRuss LawrenceDan Sweet458
18Michael ChristiansonMichael ChristiansonDustin Arnould442
19Budget BreakerRoger HendricksRoger HendricksJohn Verschueren Roy Tollefson
2019 Green Peter Derby Juniors
PlaceAdult Team NameJunior Angler NameWeight
1BonkersDaylan Martin270270
2Pappee's CrewTyric Jarvis252229
3Chasing KokesRylan Fanning246223
4Chasing KokesGreyson Fanning244236
5Palina Peak Playing HookyBrocklynn Pozder226229
2019 Detroit Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight Grams
1Rippin Lips Del BarberDel BarberRick BarberTim Benesh1038
2Chasing KokesDoug FanningJeff FanningDoug Fanning1030
3Oregon Kokanators Mark StephensMark StephensLaura Doucet1026
4Team FinaddictsCharles Parr IICharles Parr IIGregg HallHayden  Hall1010
5Spud NutRick BreckelRick BreckelAllen Breckel982
6Team Ko-connieLarry RobisonConnie RobisonConnie Robison978
7Kokanee Storm TackleRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas Jones978
8HYDEOUTCurtis HydeCurtis HydeCarson Hyde972
9Shooters Choice Taxidermy Craig Lyons Craig Lyons Doug Washburn Tom Lyons Shane Lyons 970
10Lunker fishingSteven JohnsonSteven JohnsonKris atwoodRex AddisMatt Grotzke968
11Bro fishingSeth KyserSeth KyserRichard KyserJustin KilmanKevin Klang960
13Team Judy John KlineJohn KlineChuck HeadbloomJim McDermottDave Constans948
12Team BlackjackDoug HamiltonDoug HamiltonJake Bishop948
14WapitiJosh McArthurJosh McArthurTodd GivensLarry Hesseltine942
15Banana RepublicJoe MoritzNathan BohlmanBrian RussellJoe Moritz938
16CastorGreg ReedGreg ReedRuss Lawrence934
17Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckRich BryanLilly Bryan922
18The KokanutsDavid McNeillDavid McNeillColleen McNeillKaren McNeill920
19Paulina Peak-OregonJim WheatonJim WheatonElaine Wheaton920
20Hews CrewRoger HerronRoger HerronJustin FryTom Wise920
21Kokanee DreaminJerry AllenJerry AllenChris Griffin914
22KokaneehunterBilly BassBilly BassWilliam Bass912
23Hunter BoyPhil HeinemanPhil HeinemanTammy Heineman908
24Kokanee Slayers Oregon.Tim HutchinsTim HutchinsThomas CroweAndrew Crowe904
25Stinky fingersJason PearceJason PearceDanielle McKamey902
26Bent RodsBernard HoeneBernard HoeneRandy Walling898
27Playing HookyKen CurreyKen CurreyAlex CurreyBrad Pozder890
28Ed Gunderson874
29Code 7Bob LedfordBob LedfordDave Galvan856
30Pappee's CrewDavid OehlerJacob OehlerJeff JarvisDavid Oehler836
31The Eager Beavers Justin WitbeckJustin WitbeckAlyssa Bitterman 828
32Budget BreakerRoger HendricksRoger HendricksRoy Heaney-Tollefson808
33Reel TherapyRick BarberTim Benesh
34Gordy SwanGordy Swan
35Paul SlavkovskyPaul SlavkovskyCherri Marin
36R&RRick DerrickRick DerrickRyan Burlison
37Greg ReichGreg Reich
38Brad Bonogofski Brad Bonogofski
2019 Detroit Derby Juniors
PlaceAdult Team NameJunior Angler NameWeight
1Chasing KokesGreyson Fanning622304
2Bro FishingCatfish Killman610299
3Pappee's CrewTyric Jarvis600308
4Team FinaddictsAddison Parr586287
5Chasing KokesRylan Fanning584307
6Team FinaddictsAlaina Parr572297
7The Eager Beavers Bryson Bitterman 540293
8Black jackSawyer Bishop538290
9Team BlackjackCarson Hamilton512281
10Team Ko-ConnieLily Sorrick502290
11No hook umSavannah Walker
12Paul SlavkovskyAyden Marin
2018 Odell Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
1Stinky fingers Jason PearceJason PearceDanielle McKamey147831.5
2Paulina PeakRichie HightRichie HightGary Coe147028.5
3Banana RepublicJoe MoritzJoe MoritzTom SchillBrian Russell146829.1
4The Parkdale PosseKen EspersenKen EspersenDawnell Espersen141429.5
5Kokanee Slayers Oregon Tim Hutchins Tim Hutchinstimothy136228.2
6Kokanee KillerDennis SucameleDennis SucameleChuck WilcoxMelody WilcoxPamela Sucamele135628.3
6Kokanee killerDennis SucameleSammie Sucamele
7Finding NemoRyan BennettRyan BennettRoy Elliot133828
8Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckRich BryanBraydon Zonneveld133230
9Hunter BoyPhil HeinemanPhil HeinemanTammy Heineman132027.1
10Wild ChildShawn ChildScott ChildShawn Child131028
11Davey Jones Fishing LockerJulie CollisJulie CollisBill JonesDave Jones129826.7
12KFSFrank BryanFrank BryanLilli Bryan129429.7
13Kokanee StormRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas JonesRich Jones129027
14The Oregon Kokanator'sMark StephensMark StephensLaura Doucet126227.2
15Limited opportunities Jeremy EversJeremy EversMary Jo Evers126027.3
16Terry ArsenaultTerry ArsenaultJohn Kline124027
17Team D.R.G.Jeff FanningJeff FanningDoug Fanning123427.4
18Roger KleinSuzy KleinRoger Klein122827.7
19Fin AddictsCharlie ParrCharlie ParrJoel Watson 122026
20Hewes CrewRoger HerronRoger HerronJustin FryTom Wise121627.5
21CattywampusDave AndersonDave AndersonEric SprinkleIan Sprinkle121227.5
22Pappee's CrewDavid OehlerDavid OehlerJacob OehlerJeff Jarvis121026
23Three Kokanee fishermanChuck HedblomChuck HedblomJudy HedblomJim McDermott120227.5
24Fins & TailsJim WheatonJim WheatonElaineDon Hoskins120226.3
25Team TFBCraig WordenSarah WordenSarah WordenTrenton118827.8
26Ty RascheinTy RascheinSarah RascheinClarira Binganan118227.4
27Lucky JoeMark KeepesMark KeepesLisa Keepes116427.1
28DEFRANCISCOSteve DeFranciscoSteve DeFranciscoWyatt Goodell114627
29Playing Hooky Ken CurreyKen CurreyBrad PozderRoy Tollefson106226.2
30R&KRobbie Thorton Robbie Thorton Alex Currey98626.5
31Shore EnuffKen HidayJoe BeckerKen HidayScarlet Becker35023.3
32Runs with ScissorsTom BrohamerTom Brohamer
33Finding NemoRyan BennettRyan BennettRoy Elliot
34CattywampusDave AndersonDave AndersonEric SprinkleIan Sprinkle
35The MartinsDavid MartinDaid MartinLaura MartinAustin Duckworth
2018 Odell Junior Derby Results
PlaceJunior Angler NameAdult Team NameWeight
1Tyric JarvisPappee's Crew59430.7
2Clarira Binganan51628.2
4Alicia GagnonDavey Jones Fishing Locker49027
5Jarod RascheinTy Raschein48026.8
6Thomas CroweKokanee Slayers Oregon 46826.5
7Rylan Fanning Team D.R.G.46626
8Brynna WordenCraig Worden Team TFB45427.3
9Addison ParrFin Addicts44826.5
10Finnley WordenCraig Worden Team TFB44627.4
11Greyson FanningTeam D.R.G.44627
12Aidan EversLimited Opportunities / Jeremy Evers43024.5
13Alaina ParrFin Addicts 41426
14Emmit Watson Fin Addicts 40625.8
15Brooklinn PozderPlaying Hooky 40426.8
16Wyatt BeckerShore Enuff40425.2
17Garrett EittreimPlaying Hooky 39826.5
18Wesley EittreimPlaying Hooky39025.3
19Gavin WatsonFin Addicts 36424.5
20Scout BeckerShore Enuff33423.2
Justin DulacJustin
Hunter CloudJustin
2018 Green Peter Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
1Wild ChildScott ChildScott Child1430314
2Stinky fingers Jason PearceJason PearceDanielle McKamey1345312
3The Fundie'sRick FontaineRick FontaineAmanda EddieJason Eddie1335303
4Kokanee StormRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas JonesRich Jones1320314
5AnderHyde Kevin AndersonKevin AndersonCurtis HydeNick AndersonCarson Hyde1295306
6Spud NutRick BreckelRick BreckelAllen Breckel1190315
7WapitiJosh McArthurJosh McArthurHarrison McArthurCasey Meadows1130288
8Shooters Choice Taxidermy Craig Lyons Craig Lyons Doug Washburn Shane Lyons Scott Perkins 1070291
9Paulina Peak Playing HookyAlex CurreyAlex CurreyKen CurreyBrad PozderRoy Tollefson1045298
10Team BlackjackDoug HamiltonDoug HamiltonJake Bishop1010272
11Banana RepublicRuss LawrenceJoe MoritzRuss Lawrence980291
12THE Parkdale PosseKen EspersenKen EspersenDawnell Espersen955277
13Kokanee Slayers of OregonTim HutchinsTim HutchinsStephen Crowe855270
14Terry ArsenaultTerry ArsenaultJohn Kline845270
15Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckRich BryanLili Bryan805246
16Andrew MarineMark GoodrichIver Goodrich
2018 Green Peter Junior Derby Results
PlaceJunior Angler NameAdult Team NameWeight
1Thomas CroweKokanee Slayers of Oregon 360270
2Brooklinn PodzerPaulina Peak Playing Hooky320243
2018 Wickiup Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
1Dave KrajczynskiDave KrajczynskiMatt Lashley4750493
2Wild ChildShawn ChildShawn ChildScott ChildJim Child4745520
3Having FunBrian RussellBrian RussellJill AppleBret Bergstralh 4360496
4James VarnerJames Varner3875491
5Paulina PeakRichie HightRichie HightCraig Beach3270482
6Spud NutRick BreckelRick BreckelAllen Breckel3190490
7Van NestDrew Van NestDrew Van NestBrandi Baughman3010488
8Stinky fingers Jason PearceJason PearceDanielle McKamey2870450
9Paulina Peak playing hookyKen CurreyKen CurreyAlex CurreyBrad Pozder2845464
10Kokanee StormRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas JonesKirby Callis2725446
11N.R. DominationGregg HallGregg HallRay NormandeauCharlie Part1900388
12Fins & TailsJim WheatonJim WheatonRick Whitener1880399
13Larry AbernathyLarry AbernathyRand Smith1195451
14Team D & JJeff FanningJeff FanningDoug Fanning1180395
15Banana RepublicJoe MoritzJoe MoritzTom SchillRoger Fisher1065347
16Kokanee Slayers OregonTim HutchinsTim HutchinsJim Estigoy985394
17Team Pro ReleaseChris NeimannChris Neimann760394
18Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckRich BryanLili Bryan640275
WebfootRuss LawrenceRuss LawrenceGregory Reed
Runs with ScissorsTom BrohamerTom Brohamer
Team Pro Staph Tom McArtTom McArtNick Stewart
John KlineJohn Kline
HanapaaTom MedeirosTom MedeirosNicki Medeiros
TOMMY BOYTommy WiseTom Wise
Wes BaughmanWes BaughmanWes lll Baughman
2018 Wickiup Junior Derby Results
PlaceJunior Angler NameAdult Team NameWeight
1Miles KrajczynskiDave Krajczynski1240445
2Travis Van NestVan Nest595292
2018 Detroit Derby Results
 Team NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight Grams
1Stinky fingers Jason PearceJason PearceDanielle McKamey1280
2Team RDJDoug FanningJeff FanningRylan Fanning1235
3Team Pro StaphThomas McArtThomas McArtNick Stewart1205
4Hewes CrewRoger HerronRoger HerronJustin FryTom Wise1190
5WebfootRuss LawrenceRuss LawrenceGregory Reed1185
6Playing Hooky Ken CurreyKen CurreyAlex CurreyJody ArthurBrad Pozder1185
7Bro fishingSeth KyserSeth KyserDick KyserKevin KlangPee Wee killman1180
8Shooters Choice Taxidermy Craig Lyons Craig Lyons Doug Washburn Shane Lyons Scott Perkins 1180
9Spud NutRick BreckelRick BreckelAllen Breckel1180
10Team Ko-connieLarry RobisonLarry RobisonConnie Robison1165
11Paulina Peak TackleJim WheatonJim wheatonElaine WheatonRick Whitener1155
12Beaver State Salmon SlayersRich BryanRich BryanLily Bryan1125
13Yeah BuoyTodd GivensTodd GivensJosh McArthurHarrison McArthur1125
14John Werderber1115
15Deadly Venom TacklePatrick LinkenheimerPatrick LinkenheimerRick Dahlstrom1090
16Johnny StrykerJim EstigoyJim EstigoyTracey Eckley1085
17FishN4theNxtXChris MelgardChris MelgardTodd PetersonDirk PersonDana Jones1075
17FishN4theNxtXChris MelgardWayne McGhee
18Kokanee Slayers Of Oregon.Tim HutchinsTim Hutchins Stephen Crowe1045
19Team BlackjackDoug HamiltonDoug Hamilton1015
20Pappee's CrewDavid OehlerDavid OehlerJacob OehlerJeff Jarvis985
21Judys teamChuck HedblomChuck HedblomJohn Kline980
22Banana RepublicJoe MoritzJoe moritzNathan Bohlmann980
23The DetroitansJohn ElwoodJohn ElwoodEric PaigeDean OdonaldTucker Page975
24Bo KerrBo KerrLuke Rowley950
25Pro ReleaseChris NeimannChris Neimann895
26R&RRyan BurlisonRyan BurlisonRick Derrick870
27Kokanee StormRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas JonesRich Jones655
28Natty DaddyNeil McCormick Neil McCormick Gerald Willis Dan Sherer260
Chad HoutzChad Houtz
Lee BellLee BellTyson Bell
2 Old Farts Tackle CoDon HoskinsDon HoskinsWilburn Buck
ReedErik ReedErik Reed
2018 Detroit Junior Derby Results
PlaceAdult Team NameJunior Angler NameWeight
1Team BlackjackCarson Hamilton81032.2
2Bro fishingCatfish Killman70530.9
3Tim HutchinsThomas Crowe68531.3
4Pappee's CrewTyric Jarvis60528.6
5Erik reedTeaghan Reed60533.6
6Team RDJRylan Fanning39532.6
ko-connieLily Sorrick
Erik reedRyian Hill
2017 Odell Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
1Wild ChildShawn ChildShawn ChildScott Child139532.2
2Paulina PeakRichie HightRichie HightBradley Donaldson135033
3The Parkdale PosseKen EspersenKen EspersenDawnell Espersen134032.2
4Fins and Tails OutdoorsJim WheatonJim WheatonElaine Wheaton Don Hoskins133530.6
5Team CattywampusDave AndersonDave AndersonEric SprinkleIan Sprinkle132531.5
6Three Kokanee Fisherman Chuck HedblomChuck HedblomJudy Lee HedblomJim Mcdermott131532.7
7Kokanee KillerDennis SucameleDennis SucamelePamela SucameleChuck WilcoxMelody Durkee127531.6
8Davey Jones Fishing Locker Julie CollisJulie CollisDave Jones 127031.5
9Double D'sDave KauerDave KauerDoug Fanning127030.5
10Banana Republic Joe Moritz Joe MoritzThomas SchillLeslie Maielua125531.3
11Deadly Venom TacklePatrick LinkenheimerPatrick LinkenheimerRick DahlstromJay Cervetto125031
12Klein Kokanee KlanRoger KleinRoger KleinSuzy Klein121532.2
13Playing Hooky Alex CurreyAlex CurreyKen CurreyBrad Pozder120529.6
14kokanee StormRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas JonesRich Jones120529.5
15Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckRich BryanFrank BryanLily Duncan119030
16KokaholicsAl CunninghamAl CunninghamCarl Gerdts118530
17WapitiJosh McArthurJosh McArthurHarrison McArthurShawn Thompson116032
18Ty RascheinTy RascheinTy RascheinJason Klein112530.6
19The WaterboysPatrick Bouche'Patrick Bouche'Brady Bouche'111530.2
20The MartinsDavid MartinDavid MartinLaura MartinLeslie Martin110030.4
21Spud Nut 2Allen BreckelAllen Breckel109530.5
22DEFRANCISCOSteve DeFranciscoSteve DeFranciscoWyatt Goodell107028.2
23Finding NemoRyan BennettRyan BennettRoy Elliott106529
24Team KokaneeWagen Stephen Wagenaar Stephen Wagenaar 105529
25Black CloudJeff SchumannJeff Schumann102529.2
26Ed ArthurEd ArthurDevon Aurthur97028
27Pappee's crewDavid OehlerDavid OehlerJacob OehlerJeff Jarvis93029.4
28Shore EnuffJoe BeckerJoe BeckerKen HidayScarlet BeckerWyatt Becker54028
29SLAVIC ONE John WerderberJohn Werderber00
30FishSlappersJohn SchlieweJohn Schliewe
31Kokanee KillerDennis SucameleSammie Sucamele
32Hoochie CoochieCharlie ParrCharlie ParrJeff Fanning
33Team TFBCraig WordenCraig WordenSarah Worden

2017 Odell Juniors Derby Results
Adult Team NameJunior Angler NamePlaceWeight
Team TFDFinnley Worden154532.2
Scarlet Becker252031
The Waterboys / Patrick Bouche'Brennen Bouche'350030.5
Jeff SchumannRuger Erickson449530
Wyatt Goodell549029.8
Ty RascheinJarod Raschein648529
Team TFDBrynna Worden748028.8
Playing HookyGarrett Eittreim846529
Emmet Wagenaar946030
Playing HookyBrooklinn Pozder1046029.4
The MartinAustin Duckworth1146029.1
Dave KauerKenzie Kauer1246028.8
Playing HookyWesley Eittreim1345528.5
Dave KauerLuke Alligood1443028.4
WapitiCaden McArthur1541527.9
Team TFDTrenton Worden1638028
Wyatt Becker1738027.4
Pappee's CrewTyric Oehler1811523
FishSlappersCaleb Schliewe
FishSlappersEmily Schliewe
Hoochie CoochieAddison Parr
Hoochie CoochieRylan Fanning
Hoochie CoochieAlaina Parr
Hoochie CoochieGreyson Fanning
2017 Wickiup Derby Results
PlaceWeight GramsLength
Team NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4
1492046.5Paulina PeakRichie HightRichie HightCraig Beach
2489042.6Wild ChildShawn ChildShawn ChildScott ChildJim Child
3486545Spud NutRick BreckelRick BreckelAllen Breckel
4477543.2Dave KrajczynskiDave KrajczynskiBob Krajczynksi    Matt Lashley  
5446540.1Double D'sDave KauerDave KauerDoug FanningJordan May
6432541.8Team Mole WhisperJim WheatonJim WheatonRick WhitenerGreg Ketchum
7418544.7BBBBrian RussellBrian RussellBret Bergstralh lBrad Baker
8308541.4Team 811Brian GainerBrian GainerTeri Gainer
9201037.4Koka-nuttsJason PearceJason PearceDanielle McKamey
10194042.9FishSlappersJohn SchlieweJohn Schliewe
11182543Finding NemoRyan BennettRyan BennettRoy Elliott
12170042.6Life in the Troll LaneKelly WunderlichKelly WunderlichPatricia Duffy
13169038.9Slammin KokesBrian KidderBrian KidderWill Martin
14160541.1Banana RepublicJoe MoritzTom SchillBob RayJoe Moritz
15127544.2FishsizzleJustin CrowsonJustin CrowsonJason Gealon
1693538Lucky Duck FishingScott WaltersScott WaltersTammy WaltersTony PhiferTheron Phifer
16Lucky Duck FishingScott WaltersTerry WaltersJason Foresman
1768535Jones Bro'sSteve JonesSteve JonesBrett JonesTom Jones
Pappee's CrewDavid OehlerDavid OehlerJacob OehlerJeff Jarvis
Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckRich Bryan
Deadly Venom TacklePatrick LinkenheimerPatrick LinkenheimerRick DahlstromBraden Linkenheimer
Team ShredDave PittsDave PittsJeff Fitter
Playinghooky Ken CurreyKen CurreyAlex CurreyBrad Pozder
The MartinsDavid MartinDavid MartinLeslie Martin
Wes BaughmanWes BaughmanWesley Baughman 111
Fishin4TheNextExChris MelgardChris MelgardTodd PetersonDirk Pierson
Crown and KokesJeff FanningCharlie ParrJeff Fanning
2017 Wickiup Juniors Derby Results
Adult Team NameJunior Angler NameAgeSupervising Adult NamePlaceWeight
Paulina PeakCody Hight12Richie Hight1119535.3
FishSlappersEmily Schliewe10John Schliewe292539.4
FishSlappersCaleb Schliewe12John Schliewe384039
David KrajczynskiMiles Krajczynski9David Krajczynski469536
Pappee's CrewTyric Jarvis3Jeff Jarvis550534
The MartinsAustin Duckworth12David Martin
2017 Detroit Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #1Angler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
Biggest Fish cm
1WapitiJosh McArthurHarrison McArthurJosh McArthurTodd Givens117530.830.8
2Bro fishingSeth KyserSeth KyserDick Kyser111031.531.5
3Double D'sDave KauerDoug FanningJordan MayDave Kauer110531.931.9
4Spud NutRick BreckelRick BreckelAllen Breckel109530.930.9
5Hoochi CoochiesJeff FanningJeff FanningCharlie ParrTj Jensen109530.730.7
6Lucky Duck FishingScott WaltersScott WaltersTammy WaltersTony PhiferTheron Phifer108531.631.6
6Lucky Duck FishingScott WaltersTerry WaltersTravis Williams
7Mole WhispererJim WheatonJim WheatonElaine WheatonRick Whitener106530.630.6
8Team BlackjackDoug HamiltonDoug HamiltonJake BishopJosh Opel105531.231.2
9Jason Pearce Jason Pearce Danielle McKamey105031.431.4
10PLAYING HOOKYALEX CURREYALEX CURREYKen CurreyBrad PozderEd Arthur104530.530.5
11HYDEOUTCurtis HydeCurtis HydeArnold Jiminez104030.630.6
12fish-on-bendJoe moritzNathan BolmanPatrick LinkenheimetJoe moritz103030.330.3
13Beaver State Salmon SlayersBrad HalleckBrad HalleckRich BryanFrank Bryan102530.530.5
14Team KokaneeWagen Stephen Wagenaar Stephen Wagenaar Tracy Wagenaar 102030.730.7
15Matthew UpdenkelderMatthew UpdenkelderJustin Gavette101530.430.4
17The MartinsDavid MartinDavid Martin101030.830.8
16Ko-ConnieLarry RobinsonLarry RobinsonConnie Robison101030.230.2
19FishN4theNxtXChris MelgardChris MelgardTodd PetersonDirk PiersonWayne McGhee95530.530.5
18Life in the Troll LaneKelly WunderlichKelly WunderlichPatricia Duffy95530.130.1
20Fish Creek FarmDavid ConstansCharles Hedblom David ConstansJohn Kline8753030
21Ryan BurlisonRyan Burlison82027.527.5
22Kokanee StormRick NorrisRick NorrisDallas JonesSarah KendallKirby Callis69032.532.5
23The Nightingale'sWilliam NightingaleWilliam NightingaleJulie NightingaleTyler Nightingale67530.330.3
24FishsizzleJustin CrowsonJustin CrowsonJason Gealon23527.727.7
Hewes CrewRoger HerronRoger HerronJustin FryTom Wise
Shooterschoice taxidermyCraig LyonsCraig Lyons Scott Perkins
Team Pro ReleaseChris NeimannChris Neimann
Mike BevingtonMike BevingtonBeau Frenzel
Team ReedErik ReedErik ReedTeaghan ReedAnnika Reed
Kokanee KingsJoe SchaefferJoe SchaefferChris Burroughs
The catchersJohn ElwoodJohn ElwoodRich Duncan33.7
2017 Juniors Detroit Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameJunior Angler NameWeight GramsLength cm
1The Lucky DuckCadyn Williams74031.6
2The Lucky DuckRyan Williams74030.6
3Team KokaneeWagen Emmett Wagenaar 67029.7
4Team ReedTeaghan Reed64030.2
Carson Hyde56028.5
6Matthew Updenkelder
Tyler Updenkelder56028
7Matthew Updenkelder
Seren Updenkelder54028.6
The Martins
Austin Duckworth
Beau Frenzel

Carson Frenzel
2016 Wickiup Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
1Spud NutRick BreckelAllen Breckel634046.4
2Wes BaughmanWes Baughman504048.1
3David KrajczynskiDave KrajczynskiBrian RusselDennis Lotts498544
4Parkdale Posse Ken Espersen423545.5
5Slammin KokesBrian Kidder415544.5
6Ram-Rod Slammin SalmonEric ColeCourt Hyer330045.5
7Team Mole WhispererJim WheatonRich BryanRick Whitener320536.8
8Wild ChildShawn ChildScott ChildJim Child318537.3
9Finding NemoRyan BennettRoy Elliot310038
10AnderHydeKevin AndersonCurtis HydeUS308536.7
11Paulina Peak,TackleBret BergstralhAustin Baker292536.7
12Jones Bro'sSteve JonesTom Jones291037
13Double D'sDave KauerDoug FanningTroy ClarkJordan May280036
14Kokanee StormRick NorrisKirby CallisBrent McDonald264536.4
15The MartinsDavid MartinLaura Martin258036
16Hooked on KokaneeMatt LashleyJeff Harrison220537.6
17Playing HookyKen CurreyBrad Pozder153036.2
18Life in the Troll LaneKelly WunderlichPatricia Duffy152540
19M &M AdventuresMartin MonseyDrew MonseyRay Morgan109535.2
20Two Kokes ShyBill BrownCurt BowersTomo Maruta108037.8
21John KlineLoida Beltran54034.8
22Nils Grouleff
22Fish-on-bendJoe MoritzMarty CranswickBob Ray
22SucameleDennis SucamelePamela Sucamele
22Neil HalladeyTony HalladeyBob Cook
22ICEBOXNathan BohlmanRobert Wisher
22James BrooksMonica Brooks
22PengwenRichard StutheitUS
22RainorsnowJosh WilcoxJordan Sidor
22Smokn kokes Orie ReddingJoe FeuersteinScott BomsteadUS
22SLOVIC ONEJohn Werderber
2016 Juniors Wickiup Derby Results
Team NameJunior Angler NameAgePlaceWeight
Playing HookyAlex Currey131147039.8
Dave KrajczynskiMiles Krajczynski82130536.5
The MartinsAustin Duckworth113119035.2
2016 Odell Derby Results
PlaceTeam NameCaptainAngler #2Angler #3Angler #4Weight GramsLength
1Wild ChildShawn ChildScott Child177531.4
2Paulina Peak TackleRichie HiteBret Bergstralh177030.7
3The Parkdale PosseKen EspersenDawnell Espersen176031.6
4Team WapitiJosh McArthurHarrison McArthurLuke Hendrickson175533.5
5Mole WhispererJim WheatonElaine Wheaton174532.2
6Team KahunaBill AdamsPatricia NordahlJohn Adams172532.6
7The Queen ArensCheryl BrownJoan Arens166030.2
8Finding NemoRyan BennettRoy Elliott164031.2
9Team BlackjackDoug HamiltonJosh OpelJake Bishop164030.4
10KokaholicsAl CunninghamCarl Gerdts163531
11Jeff FanningCharlie Parr163029.9
12Farmland TractorRoger KleinSuzanne Klein160530
13HydeoutCurtis HydeArnold JiminezKevin Anderson159529.7
14Fish-on-BendJoe MoritzTom SchillDaryl Lee159029.7
15Kokanee KillerDennis SucameleChuck WilcoxMelody DurkeeSammie Sucamele159030.3
16Life in the Troll LaneKelly WunderlichPatricia Duffy158532
17Dave AndersonEric Sprinkle158030.2
18Kokanee StormRick NorrisKirby CallisDallas Jones157528.8
19Davey Jones Fishing Locker Julie CollisDavid Jones157529
20Wes BaughmanWes Baughman Jr156031.3
21Kirk EmgeTommy Oliveira156030.4
22Gregg HallSean Macelhinney155029.8
23Beaver State Salmon SlayersRich BryanFrank Bryan154529.8
24John KlineLoida Beltran153030.3
25Mike SchulteLarriat SchulteSteve Pechar152029.8
26Fishing With CharlieLarry HunnemullerKeith HunnemullerJim BierDave Henrickson150529.8
27Playing HookyKen Curry149030.2
28TrichobezoarJerud RhenJanien Rhen148530.3
29R&K SpinnersWayne DoumaRobby Thorson148031.6
30Double D'sDave KauerDoug FanningMacKenzie Kauer145530.1
31The MartinsDave MartinLaura MartinLeslie Marin145530.6
32Slavic One145031.3
33SoloBrian Russell138027.2
34Team TFBCraig WordenSarah WordenKen Hiday137028.8
35Stephen Wagenaar134528
36Fish With GaryGary GordonNathan Bohlmann134029.2
37DefranciscoSteve Defrancisco109027.7
38Sheba SpecialChuck LampeRichard Lampe
39Team Stolz Wayne Stolz
40Team BeckerJoe Becker
2016 Juniors Odell Derby Results
Adult Team NameJunior Angler NameAgePlaceWeight
Dave AndersonIan Sprinkle13168530.2
Mathew Jacobs268030.6
Stephen WagenaarEmmett Wagenaar7465029.7
Owen Dotson565031.3
Noah Dotson661531.2
DefranciscoWyatt Goodell6761029.5
Jeff FanningAddison Parr8861031.2
Bailey Myrick961029.6
Jeff FanningRylan Fanning41060529
Austin Duckworth1159031.4
HydeoutNicholas Anderson111257029.4
HydeoutCarson Hyde121355028.6
Team TFBTrenton Worden121454529.2
Playing Hooky Alex Currey131553527.7
Team TFBBrynna Worden71652030.2
Dave KauerKenzie Kauer81751027
Team TFBFinnley Worden91851029
Case Schulte1951028.1
Madison Groves2050528.2
Mike SchulteCoen Schulte102149528
Brookln Podzer2247527.3
Wyatt Becker2341525
Kylee Stinger2440526.3
Cameron Groves2536526
Scarlet Becker2621525
Dennis SucameleAlyssa Sucamele1327