A B O U T    U S

Kokanee Power is a non-profit organization of friends, families, individuals and volunteers dedicated to the enhancement of Oregon inland kokanee, trout and salmon fisheries. Kokanee Power, in part, provides assistance to the Oregon Department of Fish and Game and other Fisheries Enhancement Organizations in our ongoing efforts to keep these fish in public waters. We also promote inland fisheries enhancement through education, scholarships, grants, as well as sportsmanship through our fishing derbies and tournaments.

Our membership is made up of men, women, and families who volunteer their time, money and enthusiasm to accomplish our fisheries enhancement goals. Most of all, we as a group, are striving to insure that tomorrows generations will be able to experience the quality fishing experience that we have enjoyed on into the distant future. By developing and enhancing trophy fisheries, we insure that our children and our children’s children will have the opportunity to catch that fish of a lifetime.

Not all of our membership started out as experienced fishermen; in other words the phrase; “No Experience Required” is the rule, not the exception! Come join us at one of our derbies or work days and help us as a group guarantee the preservation of one of the true treasures of Oregon.

2024 KPO Board Members
Nick Guy – New for 2024
Rich Bryan
Lee Grundmeyer
Russ Lawrence
Ken Currey
Ken Espersen
Jeremy Campbell
Greg Trotter – New for 2024
Robert Hamman
Brian Russell