2020 Membership and Derby Registration is now open.  Sign up now and save.  Wickiup Derby is a go.  




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Kokanee Power of Oregon 

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The KPO Derby Dates for 2020

Wickiup June 13th  This derby is a go.  

Banquet at East Lake July 18th

Odell August 15th

Detroit Sept 26th


KPO Derby

Wickiup Derby Update

We have been given the go ahead for this derby.  We will have to practice social distancing with only one person from each team coming up one at a time to weight in their fish.  We will hand out bag lunches for each contestant.  Raffle tickets will be on sale.  We will take your name and cell number down a long with your raffle ticket numbers and we will hold the raffle offline and mail out the prizes.


This is the new Board of Directors for 2020

President – Joe Moritz

Vice President – Tim Hutchens

Tom Schill – Secretary New for 2020

Treasurer/Webmaster Brad Halleck

Ken Currey

Dave Krajczynski

Jason Pearce

John Kline

John Werderber

Ken Epersen

Nathan Bohlmann

Rich Byran

Rick Breckel

Russ Lawrence


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