New Release ODFW has requested that all Chinook be released unharmed at Detroit Lake.  2021 Membership and Derby Registration is now open.  Sign up now and save.    




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Kokanee Power of Oregon 

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The KPO Derby Dates for 2021

Detroit Lake April 24th

Wickiup/Crane Prairie June 12th.  

Banquet at East Lake July 17th Cancelled

Odell August 14th


KPO Derby

ODFW News Release

The ODFW has requested that all Chinook caught at Detroit lake be released unharmed.  They can be identified by having a black gum line and teeth.

This is the new Board of Directors for 2021

President – Joe Moritz

Vice President – Tim Hutchens

Secretary – Tom Schill

Treasurer/Webmaster Brad Halleck

Ken Currey

Dave Krajczynski

John Kline

John Werderber

Ken Epersen

Nathan Bohlmann

Rich Byran

Rick Breckel

Russ Lawrence

Tom Schnell

Kevin Anderson New 2021


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