The KPO Board of Directors voted on new derby rules for next year.  The new rules will allow for any legal fishing method to catch kokanee.  This means you can fish with an electronic anchor, from the bank or dam, from any floating device.  Jig fishing will be allowed.  The only restriction will be no rope and anchor.  We want to prevent downriggers and anchor ropes from meeting.  These new rules will be published on the site and will take affect for the 2017 derbies. 


2017 Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby Schedule
Saturday April 29, 2017 Detroit Lake
Saturday June 10, 2017 Wickiup Reservoir
Saturday August 19, 2017 Odell Lake
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News Update – March 14, 2017

Brad’s Killer Fishing Gear is now an official sponsor of the KPO.


Detroit Reservoir Project Update  –  January 30, 2017

A correction to the stocking levels starting this year.

ODFW will ONLY be stocking the 25,000 – 30,000 fin marked Kokanee that are raised up to a size of about 5.5″ long, or 20/lb.  This way, in a few years, with our monitoring program, we will be able to determine how much natural reproduction is occurring compared to the fish caught that are fin marked.  There will be no non-fin clipped kokanee stocked during this project for the next few years.

Detroit Reservoir Project Update  –  January 9, 2017

Members of KPO met with ODFW biologist Alex Ferrand  November 15, 2016 to discuss design of the signs and drop boxes which will be constructed and placed at up to fourteen locations around Detroit Reservoir.  KPO members designed a draft of the sign to be posted, and Alex is working specifically with the Information and Education division at ODFW to create the final version and get it printed either on a metal sign or heavy laminated version that will be two to three feet in size and posted on a kiosk like back board sign.  Then a simple drop box with catch record cards will be mounted below whereby anglers can fill out the days catch and drop the card into the slot inside the box.  One of the members will then collect these cards weekly and take them to ODFW for tabulation and future decisions on stocking both Kokanee and rainbow trout.  The Mill City Shop class will be starting on construction of the drop boxes mid January and once both the signs and drop boxes are complete, members of KPO will install them at each location.  Coordination with US Forest Service, State Parks, US Army Corps of Engineers, both Marinas, and private camp grounds is ongoing.  Our goal is to have all the drop boxes and signs installed by March 1st so that nearly all of the fish caught at the primary locations will be recorded.  ODFW has told us that this is the kind of data they need to make adjustments in both the daily limits and annual stocking rates for rainbow trout and Kokanee.  Depending on the results we are hoping that the daily limit can be increased and rainbow stocking will be reduced. 

An update on the original project  that we were planning is that for the next three years the Kokanee we raised at Wizard Falls Hatchery were planned be held over until March of the next year before stocking.  Our last discussion with Hatchery Manager Luke Allen indicated that due to pond space availability, it is more likely they will only be held until October like they were this year.  That only means that they will be 5.5″ long when planted instead of maybe 8″ due to slower growth rates during winter months.  If results show that the 5.5″ fish are able to escape predation sufficiently, then we’ll save on food for them during winter months.   Bio-Oregon recently announced that they will again donate all the fish food for the Kokanee that are raised to a larger size and stocked into Detroit.  This can be a value of up to $2500.  We sincerely appreciate their help!

This last year, in June, 75,000 fingerlings were stocked by ODFW.  Then in October, the other 25,000 clipped fish (5.5″ long) were stocked.  This concept will continue for the next 3-4 years unless results indicate a change to this plan is beneficial.


Update on the Detroit Reservoir Project

This years kokanee fry were successfully released into Detroit on Monday 10/3 and Tues 10/4. The fry were raised to 5.5″ and were in good health. There was no reported loss during the transfer to the lake. These fish have been fin clipped so please fill out the catch record report on the website. Report how many of your catch were fin clipped and in the comments state the size of the fin clipped fish. This will be important data moving forward with this project. Our hopes are that this project will produce a higher survival rate and bigger fish in the future. If all goes well and the numbers increase we may be able to lobby for a kokanee bonus limit at Detroit.

Just want to say thanks to all those that have been working on this project, Bio-Oregon for donating the feed for raising the fry, the Detroit Business Association for their generous donation to the project and the Andrew Hedesh Memorial Fund for donating the funds to cover the cost of the fin clipping.

Summary of Kokanee Power of Oregon Detroit Reservoir Project 2016

For the past three years, Kokanee Power of Oregon (KPO) volunteers have been collecting monthly zooplankton samples from Detroit and Green Peter reservoirs.  The purpose of this is to determine if there is sufficient zooplankton to support a healthy Kokanee population, and at this point the data indicates there is enough.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has been planting 100,000 fingerling (100/lb) Kokanee in June annually for several years, but very few seemed to reach adult size.  The assumption is that either predation or the turbines in the dam were taking them out.

KPO volunteers developed a written proposal to ODFW offering to pay for the food to grow the Kokanee to a larger size prior to release in the lake to see if more of them will survive to adult size over the next 3-4 years.  In March, 2016 a meeting was held with ODFW, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), and KPO representatives.  ODFW approved the proposal and offered to raise 25,000 Kokanee at Wizard Falls Hatchery until October, 2016.  Prior to release, they will be clipped to monitor success of the program in the next 3-4 years.  Due to the lack of hatchery pond space this year, they will be released in October, 2016, but in future they will be held over the winter and released in March as 16 month old fish, and they may be as large as 8-9 inches.  Monitoring will be accomplished by utilizing a drop box at each ramp and marina’s whereby Kokanee anglers will fill out a card reporting their catch, or via the KPO web site catch report form.

Since this meeting in March, due to the coordination efforts of KPO volunteers and ODFW staff, the company which produces Kokanee food, Bio- Oregon, has offered to donate all the needed high protein food this year, which is a value of $2500.  Next, the Detroit Business Association met and after talking with KPO representatives and attending the meeting in March, decided to donate $1000 in support of this proposal and would like to assist with any future derbies held at Detroit.  Lastly, to pay for the clipping of 25,000 Kokanee, the Andrew Hedesh Memorial Fund out of Bend offered to pay for all the clipping of the Kokanee, which is another $500-$1000 value.  The KPO Board of Directors approved a total funding of $16,000 over the 3-4 year life of this project, but due to the donations offered, it will cost very little of anything this year.

This is only one example of likely opportunities to enhance Kokanee fisheries.  KPO is dedicated to the enhancement of Kokanee in Oregon, and will continue to work closely with ODFW to develop additional projects for other water bodies as opportunities evolve.  Member support in derbies and annual membership along with volunteer efforts of the board is critical to the future if this valuable fishery.

Rick Breckel

Project Coordinator


2017 Board Members Welcome!
The following members have volunteered their time to be a part of our Kokanee Power of Oregon Board.
President | Rich Bryan
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Treasurer | Nathan Bohlmann
Brad Halleck
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